Sunday, May 6, 2012

Reasons to be Skeptical: SUBSCRIBERS ARE NOT MEMBERS

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It is important to note that, unlike most non-profit associations, the Australian Skeptics Inc does not have a general membership as such, apart from the small self-appointed group in Sydney that took control in 1986 - all that other interested members of the public can do is subscribe to a magazine called The Skeptic. This is not spelt out clearly and new subscribers are encouraged to gain the touchy-feely impression that they are members of an elite group.

In actual fact the only other people that could be truly called members are those on the various state committees, and even they have no say what occurs at the so called 'national' committee' which is incorporated in NSW, with specific names listed. Williams and the self-appointed NSW group are therefore in effect the owners of "Australian Skeptics Inc" (Y0133609). In turn, the self appointed Foundation controlling the Whalley money, although legally a separate entity, effectively belongs to this NSW committee, because of the duplication of members. Therefore, only the NSW committee can decide on each others' fate. State committee members and subscribers can only protest by ceasing their subscription to the journal.

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