Monday, January 2, 2017

Creating effective Multi-Person Volunteer Groups

Creating effective Multi-Person Volunteer Groups as Unincorporated groups, Incorporated Associations or "Not For Profit" entities (Trust, Company, ...)

Comments derived from my experiences of NonProfits & Volunteer groups, using my research on Australian Skeptics Inc as a small case study.

Another puzzle piece: Richard Lead 'international tax expert' as Footnote in High Court case

Seems Richard was a phantom director for one of Vanda Gould's fraudulent off-shore Tax shelters.

Lead stuffed up in 2001, with unsigned Tax Returns naming Gould as the beneficial owner of the company (HWBB). Gould is claimed in newspaper pieces to be rather unforgiving of perceived slights - making sense of Lead's sudden disappearance from Aust. Skeptic magazine, but not the ASIC registered Foundation. [High Court Document, 2016, Lead's affidavit, 2012, and Hua Wang Bank Berhad v Commissioner of Taxation  [2014] FCA 1392]

There was also a 2004 tax case in the Admin Appeals Tribunal Australia (AATA) where Lead had to give testimony. The Judge deliberately mentioned his reluctance in giving evidence. Most names were disguised, including the beneficial owner, Gould. Which newspaper reports later unpicked.

This was the year Lead dropped from view. The judgement refers to him as 'independent accountant and tax consultant'. We might infer from that, that Lead was no longer in Gould's employ.

I once contacted the firm, CCS Partners, 154 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, Lead had used to audit the ASIC Foundation returns until 2004/5. They knew of Lead, years later, but referred me to him if I wanted a comment on his employment there.

In a webpage on Bougainville Copper Project, Lead's wife is noted as returning to her maiden name.
His address on formal documents changed as well.


Lead and others, ASIC Company Director Info for ACN-088-875-772.
ASIC search purchased for ACN-088-875-772.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Another part of the puzzle: Why the 'new editor' left in 2009.

I'd previously not found this on the web. It provides a good reason for why the new editor who replaced Barry Williams left. That the subsequent and current editor, Tim Mendham had been a long-term member of the inner-circle, including being the Editor before handing over to Barry W. It was noted in the Magazine that Tim M "was wearing 5 hats": Editor, Public Officer, Archivist, Treasurer and ???.

The timing, especially in relation to being Deregistered, would be interesting to know. Stollznow seems to have a history of questionable behaviour.

Monday, May 21, 2012

In Their Own Words: What the magazine says.

There are 81 full issues of the Skeptic on-line, from 1990 #1 until 2011 #1.
The remaining 2011/2012 issues are only published in-part on-line following a website policy of only publishing in-full after 12 months.

These 81 issues comprise 5294 pages total [~65pp/issue average] with 5230 text pages in total and around 3.5M words of text.

I've carefully searched this public record for answers to the questions underpinning "Who are the Australian Skeptics? On the Public Record, what is the phrase "Australian Skeptics" intended to mean?":

In Their Own Words: What the website says.

Subscribers are still not Members after 15 years.

Short form:
  • The "Who we are" page is internally inconsistent:
    • the term "Australian Skeptics" is used in contradictory and exclusionary ways, without being clarified, to mean both "the collective of Sceptics in Australia" and only the members of Y0133609.
  • There are 1000-1500 potential members in NSW who have been denied membership, which prime face suggests an investigation is warranted, or must be treated as the General Public purchasing the magazine, which might constitute carrying on a Commercial Activity, contrary to the Objects of the Act.
  • The confusion can be quickly and trivially fixed in multiple ways, but after ~15 years the confusion remains.
  • The Office Bearers, Committee and Editors/Executive Officers of Y0133609 have collectively and knowingly allowed this confusion to remain for ~15 years. I can't see any any legitimate purpose this might serve. Claiming they were ignorant of the confusion or they've been indolent, negligent, careless or worse is to claim they were derelict in their duties.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

By Sate percentages subscribers to The Skeptic, 1996.

This 1996 article appears to indicate the then relative number of subscribers per State to the Skeptic.

Vol 16, No 4 the skeptic p 63 [1996]

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Questions for Y0133609, Australian Skeptics Inc.

Arising from their Financial Reports, there are a number of serious questions the Office Bearers and 16 members of NSW Association Y0133609,  "Australian Skeptics Inc" need to answer:
  • The Primary Activity of Y0133609 has been to publish the magazine, The Skeptic.
  • The Primary Purpose of Y0133609 has been the activities and finances related to the magazine.
  • Y0133609 has been carrying on a significant Commercial activity in selling the magazine to the Public.
  • The Office Bearers of Y0133609 have been seriously remiss and derelict in their duties:
    • The failure to lodge returns from 1996-1999. Once is an accident, more is not.
    • The minimalist account data provided in the 1996-1999 returns, if presented to members, would not allow them to create a full and informed view of the Association activities or operations as can be shown by earlier and later accounts. If fuller accounts were presented to members, why would they not be filed?
    • The failure to lodge returns for the following 10 years. This is negligence, incompetence or deliberate - any and all of which should be enough to dismiss the Committee and appoint an Administrator.
    • The failure to lodge returns for the years GST was paid, 2001, 2002 and accounts must have been prepared for ATO filings.
    • Failure to notify a change of Public Officer for 5 years.
    • Trading using the Association name, bank accounts and credit card for the ~10mths De-Registered period, 25-May-2009 to 06-Apr-2010.
  • The structure and name do not reflect the Association Activities.