Saturday, May 19, 2012

By Sate percentages subscribers to The Skeptic, 1996.

This 1996 article appears to indicate the then relative number of subscribers per State to the Skeptic.

Vol 16, No 4 the skeptic p 63 [1996]

Australian Skeptics Science and Education Foundation Report
Per capita grants have been made to Australian Skeptics groups as follows:
NSW Skeptics Inc. (Including Hunter) $12,175.VIC Skeptics Inc. $10,950
QLD Skeptics. $3,575
ACT Skeptics. $6,725
SA Skeptics. $6,375
WA Skeptics. $1,375
TAS Skeptics. $725
Total: $41,900
Which suggests the percentages of subscribers are:
NSW 29%
VIC 26%
QLD 8%
ACT 16%
SA 15%
WA 3.25%
TAS 1.75%

If the "capitation amount" was $25 per subscriber,
there would have been 1676 total, 438 in NSW and 29 in TAS.

QLD's 143, WA's 55 and ACT's 269 are anomalous: they don't reflect population size.

It was later noted that QLD had a large increase in membership.
By population, you'd expect between SA and VIC, and WA at least the size of SA.

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