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Reasons to be Skeptical: Joe Needham response to Adam Joseph in Forum comments

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Re: [Skeptics Forum] A Liar or a fool? Maybe both.

At 02:29 AM 04/05/2002, Adam Joseph wrote:
Barry Williams now belongs to this group and responds to mail. What a turnaround!! That means Needham doesn't have to be the go-between any longer. Sorry about that Joe. And may I commend you on your language this time round. You do recall the filth that streamed out of your keyboard before don't you? Had some therapy recommended by Carlson or the others? Good boy.
Sorry to disappoint you but the Cox News Service has been cross posting and that is how Barry Williams message ended up here. Barry Williams is not a member of the Skeptics-Forum.
In Barry Williams post, (at the end of this) he mentioned I walked out of the Australian Skeptics because I wanted his job. Most people around that time were very aware that I believed in a good rotation of committee people and so on. So that's lie number one.
Doesn't Barry Williams hold a paid position with the Australian Skeptics? His job is not one that normally rotates but he serves at the pleasure of those who rotate on and off of administrative posts.
He also said I put out a multi-page screed to the media and others. True.
AH-HA Guilty as charged!
And this had no effect, eliciting only "Who is this idiot?" Given that what I released to the media was a background briefing on the Australian Skeptics and most things people should know, it most certainly did the trick. The media rarely goes near the Skeptics these days. And that was the purpose of the exercise. Simply, they are seen as having little credibility left. Years back, a fortnight would not go by when some publicity involving skeptics would surface. On the rare occasion close to Christmas they would put Santa look-alike Barry Williams on for a minute to say one shouldn't believe in psychics. Wow! I somehow think people got that message years back.
You must be a sorry piece of crap to try to discredit a whole organization because you don't like one person.
I see he is now denying he related information in his biography to the Rationalists International claiming 'an engineering background', which to my mind suggests he could be an engineer. I believe that to be another untruth.
Do you know what Barry Williams background has been?
So why should I even bother mentioning any of this on this particular forum?  Because it promotes itself as a sceptical forum that's why. And if people like Williams turn up,or are mentioned, then you have a right to know that even some Skeptics groups around the world have very odd and somewhat dishonest people involved. I have merely exposed people within the Australian Skeptics who have lost the whole group credibility galore.
You are the only one who has mentioned Barry Williams. It's not like his name just keeps turning up. You were surprised to learn that some of us Yanks actually know Barry. Our knowledge of Barry Williams rained on your little parade.
There was the case of Harry Edwards a couple of years back. Stalwart and secretary with the Australian Skeptics for 17 years. He had a falling out with Barry Williams and suddenly found himself thrown out on allegations of so-called corruption. When the trumped-up matter came to court, it was thrown out. Williams and a couple of his cronies then threatened to go to the supreme court. People within the freethought movement in Australia are still waiting.
Totally unfamiliar with the case. Got any on-line news stories about it?
Anyone who dared ask for evidence of Harry Edwards guilt,including state committees, were told and shown nothing. May be Williams would like to post the 'evidence' on this forum. 'Evidence' that is supportable of course, not Williams renowned bullshit.
Australia must be a strange place. In the US an individual cannot refuse to turn over evidence in a crime or,if they do, they have time to think about that decision in jail.
So for those who need more on the trials and tribs of the somewhat discredited Australian Skeptics, what Australian skeptics regard as a small but definitive history really, 'cept Williams of course, the continue reading below.
I'm surprised the entire continent hasn't sunk into the ocean in disgrace.

{Short attention span caused me to delete the rest of your message in my reply.}


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