Monday, January 2, 2017

Another puzzle piece: Richard Lead 'international tax expert' as Footnote in High Court case

Seems Richard was a phantom director for one of Vanda Gould's fraudulent off-shore Tax shelters.

Lead stuffed up in 2001, with unsigned Tax Returns naming Gould as the beneficial owner of the company (HWBB). Gould is claimed in newspaper pieces to be rather unforgiving of perceived slights - making sense of Lead's sudden disappearance from Aust. Skeptic magazine, but not the ASIC registered Foundation. [High Court Document, 2016, Lead's affidavit, 2012, and Hua Wang Bank Berhad v Commissioner of Taxation  [2014] FCA 1392]

There was also a 2004 tax case in the Admin Appeals Tribunal Australia (AATA) where Lead had to give testimony. The Judge deliberately mentioned his reluctance in giving evidence. Most names were disguised, including the beneficial owner, Gould. Which newspaper reports later unpicked.

This was the year Lead dropped from view. The judgement refers to him as 'independent accountant and tax consultant'. We might infer from that, that Lead was no longer in Gould's employ.

I once contacted the firm, CCS Partners, 154 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, Lead had used to audit the ASIC Foundation returns until 2004/5. They knew of Lead, years later, but referred me to him if I wanted a comment on his employment there.

In a webpage on Bougainville Copper Project, Lead's wife is noted as returning to her maiden name.
His address on formal documents changed as well.


Lead and others, ASIC Company Director Info for ACN-088-875-772.
ASIC search purchased for ACN-088-875-772.

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